Our Curriculum

Strive for Knowledge

The Curriculum at Hill View Public School is based on the Central Board Secondary Educations of India (CBSE) and is classified into key stages. It shares a commitment to high quality and international education.

Our curriculum is carefully reviewed for continuity, progression and challenges across grades. Suitable modifications are made with opportunities for strategic cross-curricular link-ups. It balances academics with sports & creativity.

We have an incredible team of faculty members at Hill View Public School. Our staffs are passionate about inspiring academic and personal growth in students by encouraging inquiry, and stimulating creativity and innovation.

Teaching and Learning

Learning is hands-on and students are therefore given the freedom (in a prepared environment guided by the teacher), to enquire into and learn about the world around them.

This encourages social interaction and team work. Children participate in free flow activities that allow them to progress at their own pace, develop independence and have the freedom to move between indoor and outdoor areas.

We have highly skilled teaching staffs and they undertake varient roles. They have given roles to improve the curriculum program of our school and skill, knowledge, performance of the teaching workforce as well. They play the key role in assisting the school to improve student performance and educational outcomes determined by the school strategic plan.

Field / Outdoor Educational Trips

Field trips are an integral part of school life at Hill View Public School, and are authentically linked to the academic curriculam throughout the school. Careful planning and thought goes into organising visits and activities that will enrich, educate and inspire students.

We organise outdoor educational trips to enhance personal development, increase self-confidence and develop leadership skills. Outdooor educational programmes provide positive experiential learning opportunities in an effective way.

Art, Music and Design

The importance of self-expression through Art, Music and Design emphasised right from the early years and Primary School through to Secondary School. At Hill View Public School students get a solid foundation of these knowledge and get to develop themselves in an inspiring environment that promotes innovation, creativity, and global perspectives.

Prospective Parent Open Houses

Attending a prospective parent open house is the perfect way to see a school, gather information, and get a sense of whether your family would fit in with the school’s culture.

  • You get to see the students and teachers in action in an authentic setting.
  • You are given the opportunity to ask questions.
  • You can learn about parent-teacher relations, how the school communicates and informs you about your child’s educational progress.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is built into the school curriculum, and is comprised of a framework that includes Homerooms, Moral Education lessons, Extended Personal Development and a robust system to monitor and reward behaviour. We also provide students from all grades with access to dedicated school counsellors who can deliver academic and emotional support and advice.

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KG 1 - KG 2

Primary School

Grade 1 - Grade 4

Middle School

Grade 5 - Grade 10

"The Kindergarten Programme designed to set the foundation of learning. The Primary School and Middle School Programme builds on this platform, while introducing the study of more discrete academic disciplines."